Tuesday, November 13, 2007

best apple pie

I'm answering my own blog.  I found what seems to be a great recipe for apple pie.  Check it out!


random thoughts

Everyone else seems to do these on their blogs so why can't I?

1- Flylady kicked my butt on baby step 2. Apparently getting organized begins with getting dressed in the morning and washing your face and fixing your hair. Of course this happens only after you have shined your sink! I felt like a loser sitting there at my laptop, in my pj's with my greasy hair and dirty face, searching for an organizational tip I could begin on while the kids were doing their school work. I wasn't expected to be told the obvious: get dressed! In case you were wondering - I did close my laptop and take a shower. Off to step 3.

2- Matt and I watched the movie "Thr3e" last night. It's based on the book by Christian author Ted Dekker and it has sort of freaked me out.

3- Stephen and Abbie both have a Webkinz and they have entered the world of Webkinz to which I fear they will not return. Whoever came up with this idea is brilliant and I have no doubt that they are rolling in the dough!

4- In my stack of coupons, I found what appears to be a great recipe for 1-Dish Caramel Pecan Coffee Cake. I'll post the directions later - but I'm about to eat the picture of the finished product - if that gives you any idea of how great this looks.

nyc5- At what age does your son stop falling down on purpose?

6- On the last few car rides I've had with my kids, Abbie has asked me some good but very random questions: What is the importance of trees? What does it mean when Daddy says that my heart is deceived? What does it mean to repent? I can't leave out Abbie's great observation at yesterday's family date at Five Guys: "I love Cherry Coke Mom. Do you know why? (a slight pause for me to guess) "Because it tastes like cherry!"

7- I'm so thankful and happy that I am no longer addicted to any particular tv show or soap in light of the writer's strike. I was reading in a magazine yesterday how fans of "The Young and the Restless" are going to be very uptight b/c a main character was in a coma right before the strike took place. Without any new episodes being written, viewers are left with a huge, unwanted cliff-hanger. lol.

8- Eight is my favorite number. I like the way it looks and I like to write it. I do not write "8" in one smooth stroke. I choose to go the two circle way.

9- Matt and I went to NYC to see the off-Broadway production of C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters. In addition to seeing an amazing show, we also found ourselves walking around Queens and stumbling upon a movie set for the upcoming movie "Ghost Town". We also passed right by actor Ben Affleck. Well, Matt passed by. I stopped, looked, pointed, and then tripped on a curb.

10- Does anyone have a good apple pie recipe?

hello 37 1/2

Here's the update: After lots of hard work at avoiding donuts, butterscotch krimpets, soda, sweet tea, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (Breyers, of course), Matt has successfully made some wonderful progress.

He has lost about 14 lbs. knocking sugar out of his life and the largest part of his gut is now 37.5". The best thing is that he feels better and by the grace of God, he did not get one headache from the sugar withdrawl.

It's hard to believe that my husband is eating wheat bread and putting splenda in his coffee!