Friday, December 11, 2009

christmas card rejects

Taking a family Christmas photograph is ridiculous.  At least it was this year.  Just when Stephen and Abbie were at the age where they could give normal, natural smiles at the right moment, we went ahead and added 2 little munchkins to our family photo.

No complaints regarding D.  He is a great little smiler.  In fact, as soon as he sees a camera pointing anywhere near his face, he turns on the cheese.  Azariyah, on the other hand, is a monster-baby.  As soon as we were all positioned, she either screamed or whined and in one shot, she even jumped out of the picture.  UGH!

So, here are a few funny rejects and then I will show you the winner!

Reject #1

Reject 2 - What a beautiful smile Azariyah!

Reject 3: Merry Christmas from Matt, Tracy, Stephen, Abbie, D and Azariyah's foot

And the winner is....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

thank you, friends

Thank you for making the trip to the Tree Farm extra special for my kids!   They love you all so much!  Even little monster loves you, though it doesn't show on her face!  ;-)

thank you hallmark!