Monday, May 11, 2009


IMG_0079Today is my daughter's 8th birthday.   If you looked at Ab, you would not think that she was a big 8-year old because she is an adorable little ewok.  To know Abs is to love her!  Abs is what I would call "personality plus".   I still marvel at the goodness of God to bless us with such a precious little girl that is just perfect for our family!

Keeping with birthday traditions, I will share the top 8 things that I love about you, my little Abbie-gabby-girl.

1.  I love that you love life.  You are a free spirit with so much joy that you can't contain it!

2.  I love that you share stuff with me.  You love to talk, talk, talk....and you are very insightful when it comes to people.

3.  I love how thankful you are and how quickly you express that to me and others.

4.  I love how you dance - you really do have some unique moves and you keep us entertained.

5.  I love how you love your big brother and how you have opened up your heart to Diamonte and Azariyah.  They love you to pieces, Abs.

6.  I love your bright blue eyes - they remind me of my Daddy's eyes.

7.  I love the way your entire face lights up when you are at horse riding lessons.  

8.  I love hearing you pray to Jesus and I love the way you want to know him better.


Abs, I could not love you anymore than I already do!  You bring me and Daddy so much joy that we can't contain it.  

We love you, love you, love you!