Monday, May 11, 2009


IMG_0079Today is my daughter's 8th birthday.   If you looked at Ab, you would not think that she was a big 8-year old because she is an adorable little ewok.  To know Abs is to love her!  Abs is what I would call "personality plus".   I still marvel at the goodness of God to bless us with such a precious little girl that is just perfect for our family!

Keeping with birthday traditions, I will share the top 8 things that I love about you, my little Abbie-gabby-girl.

1.  I love that you love life.  You are a free spirit with so much joy that you can't contain it!

2.  I love that you share stuff with me.  You love to talk, talk, talk....and you are very insightful when it comes to people.

3.  I love how thankful you are and how quickly you express that to me and others.

4.  I love how you dance - you really do have some unique moves and you keep us entertained.

5.  I love how you love your big brother and how you have opened up your heart to Diamonte and Azariyah.  They love you to pieces, Abs.

6.  I love your bright blue eyes - they remind me of my Daddy's eyes.

7.  I love the way your entire face lights up when you are at horse riding lessons.  

8.  I love hearing you pray to Jesus and I love the way you want to know him better.


Abs, I could not love you anymore than I already do!  You bring me and Daddy so much joy that we can't contain it.  

We love you, love you, love you!


  1. Abbie-girl,
    I remember when your mommy and daddy first brought you home - you gave me that little cold shoulder move that you use to do. I really glad that you got past that - because I love getting Abbie hugs now! It is such a joy to see how God has grown you - you may be a little ewok - but you have a really big heart. I'm looking forward to seeing how God uses this really big heart in the years to come!
    Love you,
    Aunt Becky

  2. happy birthday abbie!

    there are lots of things i could think of to share about you, but what i have noticed most in the past year is the way you have grown in being interested in others. you are always asking me about my day, my job, and things i enjoy. it's neat to see how our conversations change as you get older and i can't wait to see how you continue to grow.

    miss allyson