Friday, April 24, 2009

to my son

img_4113Today is your 11th birthday, Stephen.   You'll get presents and a special night out at Cheesecake Factory but do you know what this means for me?  I have a middle-schooler.  Can you pinch me and tell me this is a joke? Where did my chunky little blonde-haired boy with the soccer-cut go?  How is it at age 11 you can fit into my socks and shoes?

Everyone says it.  Everyone does.  But that's because it hits you like a ton of bricks on a morning like this: Time goes by so fast!

Since you are eleven, I decided to list 11 things that I absolutely love about you.  

Here is my TOP 11:

1.  I love that you love to read.  When I see you nestled comfortably on a chair, with a big book in your lap, I get excited.  

2.  I love how you are often the first one to hug me when I am crying or when I am simply sad, without any tears at all.  Showing compassion is something I have seen you grow in!

3.  I love how you help Abbie with things - how you hold the doors for her - how you comfort her when she is upset - and how you talk and giggle with her when you are supposed to be in bed, sleeping.  

4.  I love your creative mind and how you can build/create all sorts of things out of a simple shoe box.

5.  I love how generous you are.  You rarely go to a store to pick out something for yourself without also buying me, Daddy and Abbie a little something too.  

6.  I love your olive green eyes.  

7.  I love how you have an eye for detail and a near perfect memory regarding directions.  Even when you were just a few years old, you could tell me the way to Mimi and Pop-Pop's house.  When we drive through the night to Myrtle Beach, you are up with a light and map to follow our route on 95.

8.  I love how you love your grandparents.  Your eyes light up when you know you are going to spend time with them.

9.  I love how you can figure out how to do just about anything on the iMac.  And I do mean anything.

10.  I love how thankful you are.  You don't just say "thank you" once or shower us with thanks - even for the little things.

11.  I love how you want to use your gifts to serve the Lord and His church.   


Happy Birthday, Stephen!   I love you all the way to the third heavens and back again!  

Through happy tears, I thank God for giving me YOU as a son.


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  2. Happy Birthday Stephen! Here are 11 things I like about you:

    1. You always help me when I am fixing things at your mom & dad's house!
    2. Your love of the Mac!
    3. Your creativity in making slideshows and movies for events at CCC and GCC!
    4. Your dedication to the Lord shown in how you run CCC!
    5. Your great skill at all things tech!
    6. The way you serve at the GCC, specifically I remember you doing tech on several occasions to allow others to join the singles meeting!
    7. That you are a joy and a blessing to your mom and dad, and that you honor them as God says to do!
    8. That you love and care for your family so well!
    9. That, even though the new kids were a great challenge to you at first, you opened your heart to them and are now a great big brother (by God's grace)!
    10. Your new goofy thing you do with your mouth. (not so much) ;)
    11. You are a great friend to me!

    God bless you Stephen.
    Mr. Pat

  3. Happy Birthday Stephen!
    I remember that chunky little boy your mom talked about - and like her I can't believe time has gone by so fast! You are a blessing in so many ways - and I look forward to seeing what God does in you over the next 11 years!
    Love you lots,
    Aunt Becky