Tuesday, April 7, 2009

24: my prelude to a single person's observations after watching two little kids for 24 hours

Allyson is a close friend of mine and practically part of our family.  When it comes to helping us out with childcare, she takes the cake.

We broke her in when Stephen was only 7 and Abbie was just a 4-year old peanut.  I'm sure there were challenges with my two rascals too, but this past year since we've had Diamonte (2) and Azariyah (11 months) in our care, the stakes have been raised.  And let's be honest:  watching 4 kids in most cases is going to be tougher than watching 2 kids.

A few weeks ago, Matt and I joined the other pastors and wives on a marriage retreat.  Stephen and Abbie happily morphed into Dubell's and Allyson offered to watch the little ones at our house.  Then, just this past weekend, Matt and I took just Stephen and Abbie away for a surprise overnight trip (to bless them for their sacrifice regarding becoming a foster family for almost a year now).  Once again, Al had the little ones for another 24 hour period.

As a Mom, when you are away and you get a text from the friend watching your kids that reads:  "You have my respect", you know something must be up!

When I get back from getaways or dates, Al is the queen of debrief.  I get the full scoop on who did what and why and what could have happened and what almost happened. She is very thorough.  Because many of her stories were funny and insightful, I asked her to post them in this blog.


And thank you Al, for being our child-care champion!

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