Tuesday, December 30, 2008

photo highlights

Here are a few photographs of our family during this Christmas season.  And yes, our 7-year old daughter received boxing gloves as a gift.




















Monday, December 29, 2008


img_3563A few weeks back, a friend and I were working on a big pre-Christmas project:  homemeade Advent calendars.  If any of you know Amanda Price, you would not be surprised to learn that she has lots and lots of miscellaneous fabric pieces left over from completed projects or waiting to be used in a new "Amanda-creation."  

Stephen, after hovering over the craft table (aka: dining room table) for a long period of time, asked if he could take some of the fabric remnants.  Amanda said it was fine with her, but I hesitated briefly before agreeing.  After all, I have seen some late night reruns of Project Runway and somehow I immediately connected fabric remnants to a future lifestyle that I would not prefer for my son.  

He left with the fabric remnants.

Fast forward to Christmas morning.  Before the kids opened a single present, they insisted that Matt and I open the gifts from them first.  Accompanying a beautiful handwritten letter and picture for the both of us, was a little package just for me entitled:  Mom #1.  I was in tears already, like any Mommy would be.  

When I unwrapped the paper to my special gift, there they were.  The fabric remnants from that day at Amanda's house.img_3562

Stephen carefully cut and reformed them, added some construction paper and glue and as a result, created for me a truly cool and stylish wallet.  


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

hannah and sally

img_34441We finally got to meet Hannah Jane Williams.

She is really a beautiful baby - even Stephen commented on how pretty she was and he's the baby expert these days.  She looks like a little caterpillar all swaddled up!

Congrats to Brandon & Annie and thanks to God for a safe delivery and for giving peace and grace to B and Annie as they made several trips to the ER and doctors office.


While we visited with Brandon and Annie, Abbie spent some time with Sally.  Seems that good ol' Sally has been up with the baby all night and is also missing out on some attention.  Abbie came to the rescue, as she hid bones in her pocket and loved on Sally.  The second we walked out the door, Abbie asked me, which came as no surprise - "Mom, can I please get a dog?"

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

not the one

...that I picked out for our Christmas card, but I still thought they were cute and wanted to share them.  I just love D's big smile. img_3418



new york, new york

This is Stephen's first official blog....let's hear it for my boy!

Last Friday I went to New York with my Mom, my Aunt Jennifer and my cousin Hannah.

Here is a list of the top ten things I enjoyed about my trip.

  1. the ferry ride to see Lady Liberty (that's what Hannah called it).

  2. seeing a fat rat in the tracks of the subway (Hannah spotted it).

  3. seeing the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center - NO FLUFFING MR. PAT.  It takes 5 miles of lights to fill the tree.

  4. trying to hail a taxi at Times Square

  5. going to the huge Toys-R-Us in Times Square.  I liked the Lego Statue of Liberty.

  6. it was fun eating at Bubba Gump Shrimp.  I really liked the popcorn shrimp - it was good even though i was tired and not very hungry.   We were right in Times Square and could see everything right out the huge windows.

  7. we were all happy when mom's migraine went away.

  8. riding on the subway and the Path (from N.J to N.Y) and looking out the window with Hannah

  9. going to the Walgreens right in Times Square.  It was funny that a pharmacy was located in the center of  Times Square

  10. walking into Trump Towers because we were freezing cold and there was a Star Bucks inside where we were hoping to get a hot chocolate.  Unfortunately it closed at 8pm.  :(


deranged snowman

Let me begin with saying that I am happy that my dear friend Becky has been blessed with a home!

I'm also happy that she is choosing to use her home as a means of blessing and serving others.

This past Sunday, my little Abbie was thrilled to go to her Aunt Becky's (along with a few of her little friends) to make Christmas cookies and a little craft.  Not only did Abs have a blast but I was able to share how Aunt Becky was a godly example of using her home to impart to a future generation that included her.  So far, this is just a perfect story isn't it?

Well.  Here's the kicker.  While I'm sure Becky had a different picture in her mind of how the snowman craft would turn out, this is what I saw this morning.  Sure, 2 days have passed and for the first night, Abbie slept with her snowman, but come on!  This is freakin' me out!