Wednesday, December 10, 2008

deranged snowman

Let me begin with saying that I am happy that my dear friend Becky has been blessed with a home!

I'm also happy that she is choosing to use her home as a means of blessing and serving others.

This past Sunday, my little Abbie was thrilled to go to her Aunt Becky's (along with a few of her little friends) to make Christmas cookies and a little craft.  Not only did Abs have a blast but I was able to share how Aunt Becky was a godly example of using her home to impart to a future generation that included her.  So far, this is just a perfect story isn't it?

Well.  Here's the kicker.  While I'm sure Becky had a different picture in her mind of how the snowman craft would turn out, this is what I saw this morning.  Sure, 2 days have passed and for the first night, Abbie slept with her snowman, but come on!  This is freakin' me out!


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  1. HAHAHAHAHA! It's nice to see that this little snowman was so well loved in such a short time! The picture I had in my mind was a snowman with a glued on hat, scarf and black plastic eyes - the girls decided that they wanted to be able to remove the hat, wanted foam buttons for eyes and they didn't want a scarf but a blanket instead - what can I say - I just went with it:) At the time I kind of like the versatility of their version, now that I see this I'm not so sure that I shouldn't have pushed my agenda instead!