Saturday, December 13, 2008

hannah and sally

img_34441We finally got to meet Hannah Jane Williams.

She is really a beautiful baby - even Stephen commented on how pretty she was and he's the baby expert these days.  She looks like a little caterpillar all swaddled up!

Congrats to Brandon & Annie and thanks to God for a safe delivery and for giving peace and grace to B and Annie as they made several trips to the ER and doctors office.


While we visited with Brandon and Annie, Abbie spent some time with Sally.  Seems that good ol' Sally has been up with the baby all night and is also missing out on some attention.  Abbie came to the rescue, as she hid bones in her pocket and loved on Sally.  The second we walked out the door, Abbie asked me, which came as no surprise - "Mom, can I please get a dog?"

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