Monday, December 29, 2008


img_3563A few weeks back, a friend and I were working on a big pre-Christmas project:  homemeade Advent calendars.  If any of you know Amanda Price, you would not be surprised to learn that she has lots and lots of miscellaneous fabric pieces left over from completed projects or waiting to be used in a new "Amanda-creation."  

Stephen, after hovering over the craft table (aka: dining room table) for a long period of time, asked if he could take some of the fabric remnants.  Amanda said it was fine with her, but I hesitated briefly before agreeing.  After all, I have seen some late night reruns of Project Runway and somehow I immediately connected fabric remnants to a future lifestyle that I would not prefer for my son.  

He left with the fabric remnants.

Fast forward to Christmas morning.  Before the kids opened a single present, they insisted that Matt and I open the gifts from them first.  Accompanying a beautiful handwritten letter and picture for the both of us, was a little package just for me entitled:  Mom #1.  I was in tears already, like any Mommy would be.  

When I unwrapped the paper to my special gift, there they were.  The fabric remnants from that day at Amanda's house.img_3562

Stephen carefully cut and reformed them, added some construction paper and glue and as a result, created for me a truly cool and stylish wallet.  


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