Thursday, February 8, 2007

eyesy: (eye-zee)

I had an interesting little chat with my 8 year old son Stephen this evening. These past few months I have found that when I am reading a text message on my cell phone or when I receive a new email, Stephen is right there over my shoulder, reading along as if it's for him personally. He doesn't try to hide it or anything. It's not like he sneaks up behind me or looks out of the corner of his eye at the message for me. He actually leans right over me and reads on as if it's for him.

In response to this, I have been asking him to not be so nosy. Well he hasn't stopped being nosy. His nose is everywhere! I never questioned if he understood what I was asking him. I just assumed he knew what nosy meant. Well, I was wrong.


This evening, as I began chatting some friends online, Stephen appeared by my side ready to read along. I asked him why he was being nosy again and he finally explained that he didn't know what nosy meant. I was happy to be able to explain to him the definition and then he just stared at me, perplexed. His next statement was priceless:

"Mom, shouldn't it be called 'eyesy' instead of 'nosy' since I'm looking at things with my eyes?"


  1. I think it should be eyesy because you are always looking, not with your nose, but with your eyes.

  2. Hey Hey Watch the name calling. ;)