Wednesday, July 4, 2007

unhappily splatted!

I enjoy a good cup of coffee....or two, or three. I don't load my coffee down with tons of creamer like some of my pathetic wanna-be-coffee drinkers do, but I do like to add a bit, just to change the color from dark to medium. I've really been enjoying the International Delight sugar free flavors like hazelnut and french vanilla.

There's just one small snafu. Daily, I am unhappily splatted.

Whenever i push the little ball-like lever to open the spout, creamerI get splatted with cream! It happens every time and even with this knowledge, I still respond with surprise when the splat of cream gets me...over and over again. I've tried different tactics like pointing the spout away from me while opening it - but then everything else gets splatted like the counters, walls and cabinets. In an effort to outsmart the creamer, I've even pointed it in the sink which would make for easy clean-up, but nope, that doesn't work either. Still, the cream explodes in all directions hitting both the sink, counter, walls, and surrounding kitchen items. My only hope, my last and final hope, is to open the creamer with a napkin over the top. It's an easy solution although I'm not real crazy about wasting a napkin each day on a poorly designed product.

I think, at the heart level, I want to beat this International Delight creamer. I want the simplistic pleasure of pushing the spout open without the splat. Is this an unreasonable battle to expect to win? Can someone share their tactics with me? Help!


  1. um..i think she actually was refering to me as the pathetic drinker...i was severely mocked tuesday for putting the creamer in last and filling the cup so high that i need to messily sip the side to remove soem coffee before venturing it to my seat. black coffee is boring, just in case you didnt know...but at least it is direct and honest...i try to pretend i love coffee just for coffee when the reality is, I need the caffeine fix and cant handle it without making it tanned and sugary. but man is it good then. :-) you, my friend are unpathetic in your coffee drinking.!!

  2. I feel your frustration!! I agree with Michele though, black is the way to go when you're tired of your face being sticky and smelling like french vanilla.... ;]

  3., i know i already commented, but now, i just GOTTA say...since that Tuesday, I have been testing out this theory of T's. ITS TRUE, ITS ALLL TRUE!! I already mentioned to her that I do not tend to reclose thet cap when home, so I don;t realize. However!! I got 7-11 coffee a couple of times this week, and EVERYTINE the container was closed, I got SPLATTED! YUck! and creamer leaves a white stain.