Monday, June 16, 2008

poem from a friend

Just four weeks ago, Matt and I received our first phone call for our first foster care placement!

This morning, my poet-friend Allyson, sent this via email.

Thanks Al, for your thoughtfulness and encouragement, and most of all your support and help these past weeks. I think YOU should be a foster parent!
four mondays ago, your telephone rang

and with that one call an adventure began

in that brief moment your calm family day

turned into a frenzied chaotic melee

with nervous excitement you got your new kids

and went to the store for clothes, wipes and bibs

you were off with a bang when that telephone rang

two fortnights ago, could you have guessed

that this decision could make you so stressed?

the changing and feeding and long sleepless nights

were certainly taxing your patience and might

yet through many trials there has also been joy

as you've lovingly cared for this girl and this boy

you have been blessed more than you could have guessed

one month ago was the start of this story

of faith put to action to bring your Lord glory

the challenge of wearing this uncomfortable shoe

is nothing compared to what He's done for you

His grace sustains you each night and each day

He is growing and teaching you as you obey

see His allegory in your family's story?


  1. I'm glad that Pat comments on your blog T, but I'm feeling pretty left out.