Thursday, February 11, 2010

haiti keeps everything in perspective

We got hit with a lot of snow, leaving us with a beautiful blanket of picturesque images.

Hait got hit with an earthquake, leaving behind scenes of horror, death, and fear.

I complain because I am stuck inside this warm, comfortable home, filled with every type of food imaginable.

The Haitians worship and praise God in the filthy streets, amidst the rubble and in spite of their great loss.

My children get bundled up in layers of clothes to dig tunnels and forts through the snow, having the time of their lives.

So many Haitian children have lost their lives.  Their bodies are broken beneath tons of concrete.   Others are alive but left with nothing.  No clothes.  No home.  No toys.  No mommy or daddy.

I have the flu.  I am sick.  But I have three different types of medicine I am taking.  I have a warm bed to rest in, a tv to watch if I'm bored, and a husband to care for me.  I have four kids that hug and kiss me and tell me they love me.

Haitians are sick and suffering yet many do not have proper medicine.  Haitians have lost legs and arms and have endured crude amputations with little if any pain medication.  Is there someone holding their hand?  Is there someone telling them that they love them?

I admit that I am an Anderson Cooper addict when a tragedy hits some part of the world.  I find his reporting gripping and raw.  It always affects me and gives me perspective on life.  I have went to bed these past few weeks praying for the Haitians and especially for the many children left orphaned.  And I have prayed for myself too, that I would see and feel my own helplessness and hopelessness apart from Jesus.  It's difficult when I am smack in the middle of my comfortable, worldly trappings, to be at a place where I see my need - but it's worth fighting for.

The Haitians have taught me that.

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