Wednesday, December 8, 2010

this is why i love new york

Number one...and in no specific order: Rickshaw Dumplings. It's a neat little eatery that serves up fresh steamed dumplings, delicious soups and chocolate dumplings for dessert.

Number two: Washington Square in Greenwich Village is just a cool place. It was pretty empty when we walked through, except for the small army of squirrels that were chasing us. Yes, they were chasing us.

Number three: The Empire State Building at nighttime at Christmastime specifically. Just beautiful.

Number Four: Bryant Park at Christmastime in the evening. I love this park. It's become one of my must sees anytime I visit the city. There are great little shops they set up during the winter holiday time and they are so unique.

Number Five: The famous tree at Rockefeller Center. I mean, can you go to NYC around Christmastime and not see this?

Number Six: Seeing numbers one through five with a good friend! Plus, Times Square is exhilarating each and every time I walk through it. Don't we look silly in our hats?

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