Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the box is always more fun than the product itself

At least according to kids.

img_3211-15The speedy growth of Azariyah required us to get a new carseat.  She's a whopping 21 lbs at almost 6 months of age, so goodbye free infant carseat, hello $99.00 Evenflo convertible carseat.

No one likes to cough up a hundred bucks b/c of something like weight gain, but I must say that I did enjoy picking out a sparkling new seat for the babe.

Before I even began taking the seat out of the box, the kids begged me for the box.  Stephen wants to create a Walmart and Abbie wants to make a hotel for her stuffed animals.  Matt wanted to throw it away.  I pushed for the kids and now they are downstairs creating!  I'll post what they come up with.

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  1. Did you know that the cardboard box is officially part of the Toy Hall of Fame (yes they have such a thing!). Right alongside Mr. Potato Head and Barbie is the humble cardboard box - just a useless piece of trivia that you probably didn't need to know:) Another useless piece... the stick was voted into the Toy Hall of Fame this year.