Tuesday, November 11, 2008

laundry mystery

img_3210-1I've been wondering how and why my laundry seems to be increasing each week, when the number of people in our family has remained the same.

Mystery solved.

Abbie loves the layered look. It's not because she's cold - she just likes it. So today for instance, she came down with jeans on and four shirts. Yep, four shirts, all different colors. Layer one - red, layer two - orange, layer three - blue, and the top layer, green. It looks cute but come on - you know what this means. At bedtime, four shirts will be tossed into the laundry basket!


  1. i say the middle two layers are not dirty. unless something spilled on the outer layer so bad that it soaked through.

  2. I say it time to train her in doing laundry (or get her more involved in the process if she already helps) so she sees the effect of multiple shirts being worn every day:)