Tuesday, June 30, 2009

kids meet reilly

IMG_4653Over the last few years, Matt and I have been looking for a concert to take the kids to as special treat.   It seemed that whenever a band or artist came to our city or close by, we were out of town ourselves or we had other plans.

We were thrilled to find that Reilly was doing a concert at Covenant Fellowship Church.  Since I returned home from the Next Conference with their latest cd, "Let June Decide",  my kids have been loving their music.  Within a week, Abbie had every song memorized and Stephen uploaded the music on his iPod and it was playing constantly in our home.  I had several excellent conversations as I sought to explain the lyrics to some of the songs to the kids.

IMG_4664So...this past Saturday we made the short drive to PA and enjoyed being with our kids for their first concert experience.  Reilly is an extremely talented bunch of musicians that love Jesus Christ and His church.  The concert was entertaining without being "showy" and they mixed a few worship songs in with their own original tunes.  They all had such joy and it was clear that they really enjoy what they are doing!


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