Tuesday, June 30, 2009

meet spot

IMG_4667The kids and I are officially a part of the HCTRU:  Harford County Turtle Rescue Unit.  Matt is not a member and did not wish to become a member when our Honda Odyssey was headed straight for a very speedy box turtle this morning on the way to church.   Poor Matt - God gave him a wife that loves snakes, lizards, reptiles, and all sorts of other creepy crawlies.  It was unusual that I was driving instead of Matt but I suppose because I was dropping him off, I ended up behind the wheel.  I'm so happy because as a member of HCTRU, I could make the executive decision to stop and rescue our friend.

Slamming on the breaks, I put the van in park, and the kids watched me through the windows with anticipation as I picked up the little guy and brought him into the van with us.  Matt was worried about the thing peeing and pooping on our seats, so we put him in a plastic bag and Abs held him till we could get to church and put him in a nice big box.

We are only going to keep "Spots" till Sunday.  Stephen hopes to enter him in the Fourth of July Turtle Race in Bel Air.  In watching him, I think he's got a shot at winning!  He's alert and speedy, that's for sure.  In just a bit we are going to prepare a wonderful salad for him:  fresh greens, tomato, topped with a juicy worm!

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