Thursday, August 27, 2009

exclusive interview with abbie

Just days away from beginning the third grade, I pulled my beautiful little girl aside to ask her some thought provoking questions.  ;-)

IMG_4593Mom:  Are you looking forward to starting school?  Why or  why not?

Abbie:  Um.  No.  I am not looking forward to school.  I am having a good time in the summer and don't want to start.

Mom:  Is there a subject that you are freaked out about?

Abbie:  No.  Not really.

Mom:  What subject do you think you will enjoy the most this year?

Abbie:  Hmmmm.  History, because I get to do map worksheets like Stephen.

Mom:  Do you like being home schooled?  You can be honest, I'll survive.

Abbie:  Yes, because I like having my Mom teaching me school.

Mom:  What is the most difficult part of your school day?

Abbie: Getting up in the morning because I like to sleep in.

Mom:  What about Co-Op....looking forward to that?

Abbie:  Yes!  Co-Op is fun because I see my friend and also I get to learn the flutophone this year.

Mom:  You are only 8 right now, but what are some jobs you might be interested in when you get older?

Abbie:  I'd like to teach horseback riding lessons to kids or I'd like to do something that lets me take care of animals.

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