Monday, November 16, 2009

monday, monday part 1

Matt home for the day + perfect fall weather = fun family day for everyone!

We hit the playground first and the kids ended up playing in the leaves more than anything:





























After the playground and leaves came lunch at Chili's (thank you Steve & Angie) and then back home for naps and drum lessons.

Since my pots and pans are old and icky and because I had a 30% off coupon and $10.00 off at Kohl's, Matt gave me the go ahead to purchase a new set.  The OCD in me could not wait to pack up my icky set and reorganize the new set.  That stinkin' kitchen cabinet that is a terrible mess would finally be clean and would now house a shiny set of new cookware.  Woohoo!  I took Stephen and Abs with me and with the help of a fellow shopper, who was a complete stranger that I quickly befriended, I chose a Food Network Stainless Steel set.  It's a beauty and I can't wait to cook something, though part of me does not want them to ever get dirty!

In the process of removing the icky set, Azariyah woke up from her nap so I brought her down for a little drum lesson.  Surrounded by pots and pans, she joyfully and violently drummed away until the plastic spoon actually broke!









Then, next thing I knew, she sat inside the steamer part of the stock pot and actually got stuck!

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