Monday, November 23, 2009

remember perfection?

I remember playing Perfection as a kid and being totally freaked out at that annoying timer:  tick, tick, tick....

The thought of that board popping up, causing an explosion of shapes was a fearful thing for any elementary school kid.  And do you remember that one stinkin' macaroni shaped piece?  That's the one that always got me!

After a long and close game of Settlers, where Fox took the win (ugh!), we whipped out a new game for a little competition.

Some notes on the pics below:

1- Allyson looks way to calm.  How annoying!  Then again, she beat the timer with room to spare so I guess her calm expression makes sense.

2- Becky looks panicked, though she beat the clock with plenty of time to spare.  No need to panic Fox!

3- Me - well I look panicked too, but like the other girls, I beat the clock so why the worry?

4- Pat looks calm but surprisingly, he is the one that needed to look worried.  After all, the first two times he played, the game beat him!

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