Monday, July 20, 2009

38 reasons

Matthias, my dear husband of 15 years, celebrated his 38th birthday this past week.

IMG_4834Here are - you guessed it - 38 reasons, in no particular order, of why I love him and thank God for him.

1.  He married me.

2.  He has a lot of zeal and passion for God and His glory.

3.  He is the best father I know.  I know every wife probably says this on her blog, but really, he can do and does do everything and anything for his children.

4.  He is a gifted preacher...this is what first drew me to him.  Nope, it wasn't his short shorts and tube socks.

5.  He has a love for children and more specifically - he wants to see the next generation and future generations serve the Lord.

6.  He was willing to pray about adopting children.  And, eventually, in really no time at all, he had the faith to pursue two adoptions at two different times!

7.  He has a great sense of humor.  No one laughs louder at himself than he does.

8.  He finally gave in and is now wearing flip flops.

9.  He loves to clean and he especially loves to vacuum.

10.  He has watched "Pride and Prejudice" (the long BBC one), "Anne of Green Gables", "Emma", and "Little Women" with me more times than I can count.

11.  He is not embarrassed to dance like Michael Jackson around the house and even in front of people.

12.  He is very generous when it comes to my purchase of good, theological books.

13.  He loves to sing and worship the Lord.

14.  He listens to me read portions of books that I am enjoying.

15.  He makes a great pot of coffee.

16.  He loves hot weather and loves to sit in the sun.  I like that too.

17.  He was willing to pray about us becoming foster parents.  And eventually, in really no time at all, we were taking classes and we've had two children join our family for 14 months and counting.

18.  He is very cute and has only gotten better looking as he's gotten older!

19.  He does not indulge my quarrelsome nature.  This is annoying when I want to argue but I am thankful he is not like me in this.

20.  He lets me pick out all of his clothes for him.

21.  He can put just about any baby to sleep with his amazing rocking skills.

22.  He can defend Sylvester Stallone's acting ability in the Rocky series like no one else on this planet.

23.  He admits his weaknesses.

24.  He is quick to repent.  Much quicker than me.

25.  He loves the church that he pastors.  He loves the people and he loves what God has called him to do for this season.

26.  He is a self-starter and go-getter.  I love his ambition.

27.  He is always willing to give me time out of the house without the kids.

28.  He is easy to cook for and appreciates a nice, hot meal.

29.  He has gorgeous blue eyes.

30.  He loves to read.

31.  He believes that God answers prayer and he often prays for things that I can't imagine ever actually happening.

32.  He is willing to listen and consider various crazy ideas and adventures I conjure up for us.

33.  He does great impressions of people.

34.  He is a skilled musician: singing, piano and drums!

35.  He has a heart for the singles of our church and enjoys including them into our family life.

36.  He has a really firm stomach when he sucks in real deep (Matt requested that this be part of the list that he spied on!).

37.  He lets me do the decorating and he trusts my taste in things, even if he's a little nervous at first.

38.  He is committed to his walk with the Lord and is a great model for me and the kids.

Happy birthday, Babe!

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