Tuesday, July 7, 2009

from mourning to joy

IMG_4711After Spot's embarrassing shenanigans on Saturday, we decided we'd let him go into the wild.  Clearly he was looking for a suitable mate.  Smart turtle.

Leaving Shamrock Park, we headed to Winters Run to set our little guy free.

Abbie was crying the entire way, full of grief that she would no longer have her turtle to play with.  Up front in the van, I tried to explain to Matt how a little 8-year old girl can actually get attached to a turtle after only a few days.  I was the same way when I was a little kid.  Our baby was mourning.  It was probably her first loss in life.  That's a big deal for a kid.

It all quickly changed, and her mourning turned into joy, when I surprised her with the news that Daddy said that she could have a hamster!  Those of you that know Matt and his dislike toward all things rodent-like, and actually most pets in general, will know that the Spirit of God was at work in moving Matt's heart to say YES to a little dwarf hamster.


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