Thursday, July 9, 2009


As I was sitting in a courtroom in downtown Bel Air, awaiting my case, I jotted down the following little thoughts.
Heart pounding deep inside

Hands sweating

Thoughts swirling inside my chaotic head

Stopping, breathing

Remembering my God

Talking to my soul

Choosing to trust in His sovereign care

At rest.

As I thought about my case and what I wanted as the resolution, I penned the following:

It's not about winning.

It's about honoring Jesus.

How easy to find my thoughts somewhere nestled between the two

Arguments are understandable, obtainable, within our control in as much as we can form our thoughts and make our points

Honoring Jesus means surrendering myself,

my arguments,

my views,

my perspectives,

my desires,

and choosing to trust in Jesus as my defense.

God was kind in answering our specific prayers for our court hearing.  We are able to take our foster children on vacation with us for two weeks and we are thrilled about that.  Yet beyond receiving the answer I so desperately wanted to hear from the judge's mouth, I am so thankful that God met me as I sat alone and waited.

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