Wednesday, May 11, 2011

hosting: the final week

We kicked (no pun intended) off our last week of hosting with an afternoon of soccer playing with Lucas Winters, his sister Kaylie, my Abbie and the youngest three Dubell's: Scott, Megan and Leah.

On Saturday, when we had our interpreter available, I made sure that {name} knew that we had a fun Monday planned for him. Since he's beaten just about every kid in our neighborhood at soccer, I figured it would be helpful for him to play with a real pro.

Enter Lucas Winters.

After hearing what Lucas shared at this past YA Conference, I learned how God was at work in his life in very specific ways. I could see how He was using disappointment and a loss of a dream to draw Lucas back to Himself. I had heard that he played soccer; I knew a bit of his back story through Matt, but to hear the full story from Lucas himself was a YA highlight for me personally.

When I saw Lucas at church one Sunday, it dawned on me that I should see if he would be willing to teach {name} a few things about the sport he is so passionate about. He was more than willing and the planning began...

I must admit, I was probably more excited for the soccer date than anyone else. I was hoping I'd get to see some of Lucas's tricks with the ball and let me tell you - he did not disappoint.

The best part of the afternoon was seeing {name's} face when he was playing and when he was watching Lucas play. I mean, the kid was smiling from ear to ear and his face was so bright! He was definitely in his element and thrived on the challenge that Lucas brought to him. He was eager to learn some tricks and Lucas was so patient in trying to teach him. I bet he'll practice and show his friends in Ethiopia!

Although they couldn't communicate verbally - they were communicating in their own language: soccer-ese!

To {name's} surprise, at the end of our time, Lucas handed him a soccer jersey - one that he wore when he played competitively. He clung onto that shirt the rest of the afternoon, showing everyone he saw, joy in his dark eyes.

Thank you to Lucas and Kaylie for sharing their afternoon with us and for creating such a special memory for our Ethiopian guest! You guys rock!

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