Monday, May 9, 2011

hosting: week three

Hard to stay on top of the day to day because we've kept so busy!

First up, our Mexican dinner which included tacos with all the fixins', tortilla chips and rice. {name} seemed to enjoy the experience of making his own tacos just the way he wanted them. As you can see, we didn't use silverware except for the chicken and sauce. We used our hands for everything else!

One of the daily activities that {name} likes to do is play on the iMac. Once he discovered Photobooth, he's been having a blast creating funny pictures by himself and with the other children.

It's hard to see David, but he's on the other side of Stephen, squeezed in on the same chair. There are always so many giggles when the five of them gather around the iMac.

Thankfully, as they create funny shots, I have time to clean up from lunch, begin making dinner, or sneak away to the bathroom, undisturbed. These days, an undisturbed bathroom break is like gold.

We learned that {name} not only enjoys puzzles but is pretty darn good at them! Stephen has always loved puzzles so it was nice to find something they could both do together.

As you can see, {name} is wearing a soccer jersey which he found as he dug through Stephen's drawers!

His wrists are filled with Spiderman silly bands...some of which Abbie hopes to make trades for.


Central Presbyterian Church was kind enough to host a birthday party for all of the Ethiopian children and their host families. There were games, a magician, two delicious cakes and a presentation of birthday gifts and Bibles in Amharic. Again, it was great to see the children meet up with one another and interact.

We gave {name} a big Spiderman action figure as a birthday gift and as he opened it, he had the hugest smile on his face!

A week after arriving in the U.S. he was able to celebrate Stephen's 13th birthday with us and before he leaves, he will be a part of Abbie's birthday and my birthday. It's like Christmastime between late March and mid-May because each of our children have birthdays in that time frame.

For this reason especially, I am so thankful that we had a chance to celebrate HIS birthday.

It's hard to believe that {name} has been with us for three weeks now. The time has flown by! This time next week, {name} will be on a plane, headed back home to Ethiopia. :-(

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