Thursday, August 25, 2011

Family Vacation: day 13 "Cops & Robbers"

I haven't been commenting much on my vacation photographs. I mean, there isn't much of a need. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I was trying to save the commentary and just show the image(s) that stood out on each day.

Today requires an explanation though, trust me.

We awoke to another gorgeous beach day. Matt had a full day with our four ewoks yesterday, while I went to Bulls Island with Allyson, so today was a little personal time for him at the beach.

All alone. No kids. No boogie boards. No sand toys to carry or hands to hold or a need for watchful eyes at the beach. Not today, not for Matt. It was just Matt, a few cold drinks, a can of Pringles, a book, and a bottle of oils for his already darkened body.

We all went to dinner at one of our favorites, Drunken Jacks. Things were going well.

Since it was such a beautiful, clear, night (calm before the storm ?), Allyson and I went to miniature golf with Stephen and Abbie and Matt stayed back with David and Jayda. It was a fun course and we were all golfing pretty well. Stephen got two hole in ones and Abbie was getting a "2" on most of the holes, meeting the par.

Look how happy my big kids are!

When we finished up the 18th hole, we anxiously waited for Allyson to tally up the score and announce the winner and loser.

Loser: A tie between Allyson and Abbie
2nd Place: Stephen

Just as we were getting ready to walk down to hand in our putters, Abbie looked down (the last hole was up high) and noticed that the passenger side of Allyson's car was broken. Shocked, we immediately all looked and couldn't believe our eyes. I remembered that my purse was in the car, pushed under the seat.

When we got to her car and peered in, trying to avoid the glass everywhere, we could see that my purse was gone! We were robbed at Inlet Adventure golf! All of my credit cards, my health cards, cash, drivers license, social security card and other personal things were in my purse, along with my bluetooth, keys, and let's not forget my Norwex opti-cloth.

Within 30 minutes, Matt discovered that they had withdrawn over $500 from my checking account in addition to over $70 at a local gas station.

.....To be continued.....

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