Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Help: A MUST read

A few months ago, I picked up a copy of "The Help" after hearing from my sister Barb how great it was.

WOW - what a novel. After just the first chapter, I was engaged and actually forced myself to read slow so that I could enjoy the experience longer!

When I first saw the previews for the movie, I was a little concerned. I really cared about these characters and the story was such a deep, moving one for me and since the previews looked lighthearted, I was afraid it wouldn't do the book justice.

I have seen the movie twice now (Matt and I saw it on a date in South Carolina!) and in my opinion, while it's not as good as the book (what movies are, really?), I think it did a fairly good job at keeping with the overall tone of the novel. Stellar performances!

There are so few movies I feel I can wholeheartedly recommend these days, but The Help is definitely one of them.

For an excellent review of the book, I can't commend this enough, from Thabiti Anyabwile, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman in the Grand Cayman Islands.

Now stop what you are doing, buy the book or put yourself on the waiting list at your local library and READ IT!

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