Thursday, September 6, 2007

prayer travelers

Today my kids and I prayerfully traveled to the small country East of India, Bangladesh. We learned that Bangladesh is made up of "low-lying islands, most of them less than nine feet above sea level. Many of them are flooded every year and millions of people become homeless."

bang-man.jpgStephen's fear of storms and his passion to build and create made for some very interesting and specific prayers. Before we prayed, he reminded Abbie and me that God is sovereign over the storms and that we could pray that He would not send them to this country, which would allow them to build stronger homes in case storms come later. He prayed that the people of Bangladesh would find strong materials for building strong homes since there probably wasn't cement available.

While I don't remember all the details of his prayer, what I did recognize is that when a situation touches a personal fear or passion/interest we have, our prayers are often different. My son's prayers are usually quick and to the point but this time around, when both a passion and fear met, he prayed for much longer and prayed specifically and with genuine emotion.

Made up primarily of Muslims, there is estimated only 0.72% Christians living in Bangladesh. Please take a moment to prayerfully travel to this country with us and ask God to move through the power of His gospel.

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