Tuesday, October 28, 2008

20 resolutions from James

The following list was given by Sinclair Ferguson at the Desiring God conference I attended.  Of course I was far to slow to write them all down, but Justin Taylor got 'em and posted them on his blog.  They are given in Jonathan Edwards style...
James 1:5  To ask God for wisdom to speak and with a single mind

James 1:9010  To boast only in exaltation in Christ, & humiliation in world

James 1:13  To set a watch over my mouth

James 1:19  To be constantly quick to hear, slow to speak

James 2:1-4  To learn the gospel way of speaking to the poor and the rich

James 2:12  To speak always in the consciousness of the final judgement

James 2:16  To never stand on anyone's face with my words

James 3:14  To never claim as reality something I do not experience

James 4:1  To resist quarrelsome words in order to mortify a quarrelsome heart

James 4:11  To never speak evil of another

James 4:13  To never boast in what I will accomplish

James 4:15  To always speak as one subject to the providences of God

James 5:9  To never grumble, knowing that the Judge is at the door

James 5:12  To never allow anything but total integrity in my speech

James 5:13  To speak to God in prayer whenever I suffer

James 5:14  To sing praises to God whenever I am cheerful

James 5:14  To ask for the prayers of others when I am sick

James 5:15  To confess it freely whenever I have failed

James 5:15  To pray with and for one another when I am together with others

James 5:19  To speak words of restoration when I see another wander


  1. I listened to this sermon last week on my Ipod and found it deeply convicting. It was at the end of the message that I finally realized what Isaiah meant when he said that he was one of unclean lips. Wow. There are notes on the Desiring God website that are almost transcript-like. I also listened to Mark Driscoll's message on my very long drive to work this morning. When Mark appealed for the audience to pray for the shepherds, I immediately began to pray for Matt and the team of men who serve us so well (and your/their families too). Bless you guys!

  2. Thank you for your prayers Pete! I'm glad you are listening to the messages - they were really life-changing for me!