Tuesday, October 14, 2008

something new

Knowing that I would be handed my new ESV Study Bible today, it got me thinking about my approach to reading the Scriptures.  It also got me wondering about how others read the Bible.

For the past several years I have chosen a reading plan that gets me through the entire Bible in 2 years.  I always used to do the one year plan but usually when April rolled around, I'd fall behind and the thought of trying to catch up was overwhelming.  Also, in my attempt to get all of the reading in, I found that I didn't have the time I wanted to just meditate on a particular Scripture and/or journal what I was learning.  I also enjoy being in two different books at a time as opposed to four.  It keeps me a little more focused.

What plan do you use and why do you like it?


  1. i have also been doing the 2-year plan. i'm on my second time through it.. so, i've been doing it for 3 years. i think this is why i'm finally having consistent quiet times - because it is all planned out. but, the downside is it's just very routine and dry. i think i would benefit from a few short, focused studies. but i'm not good about planning them. and if i don't have a plan, experience has shown that i tend to do nothing. so i cling to my plan since it does keep me in the Word.. but something needs to change. even if it's something as small as highlighting. i'm ready to try out some new study habits with my new bible, but not sure what to do. suggestions?

  2. Got mine in the mail the other day also. Funny, flipping through the beautiful maps and illustrations got me thinking about reading plans too. This is our family's preferred Bible reading plan of choice. Tony Reinke has a blog post where he posts some very detailed pictures of his brand new ESV. Of course, he seems to have the income to spring for the TruTone classic. BTW, did you notice darker print on some pages than others? Specifically in the book of Isaiah.