Tuesday, October 28, 2008

stop and smell the entire flower garden?

Ever since my kids were little, I've tried to express the importance of the phrase, "stop and smell the roses."   This sort of statement came from my lips primarily with Stephen, as he was (& still is a bit) often tempted to rush through things/experiences  without what I would consider, appreciation.  It's not that he didn't appreciate them in the end, but he didn't always slow down or stop to really let the enjoyment soak in.

Abbie on the other hand, stops to smell every single rose that comes her way and often ones that are out of her way.  She can rarely get from one point to the next without stopping to comment, express her enjoyment of or thoughts about something she has noticed that she likes.

This afternoon as Abs was on her way to brush her hair, she stopped by the baby to play with her feet and sing a little song to her...then she took one step up the stairs and looked back to say something sweet to Diamonte and then she even said something kind to me - out of nowhere.  All this before reaching step #4 where the brush awaited her.

I told her, "Abs - you don't just stop and smell the roses, you stop to smell the entire flower garden!"

When I am in "task-mode" and I just want the kids to do what I asked them to do in a timely matter, these sort of delays from Abbie can be tiresome.  Maybe I'm the one who needs to stop and smell my 7-year old rose that loves to take a detour in order to share her delight in something small.

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