Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Early this morning, baby nestled warm in between Matt and I, my phone buzzed.  Hmmmm.  A picture from Amy Long.  Who was the picture of?  I opened my little phone, surprised to see a small portrait of Pat Santavenere with his hair all curly on top.  Was this for real?  You'll have to ask Pat.

Later this afternoon, in light of Pat's fiasco last night, we got to talking about haircuts and Abbie expressed her desire to have hair like me, which I thought was sweet.  Her exact words were:  "Mom, I always wanted to be like you when I grow up, so can I get my hair cut to my shoulders?"  She is so stinkin' sweet that I could just eat her!

So....Abs and I left Stephen downstairs to make lunch for everyone and we headed to "Snips & Tips" (my bathroom where I cut the kids' hair and trim their nails....and occasionally they give me a tip).

Here's the before and after.  I'm happy to say that my client is pleased.


  1. Beautiful Abbie!

    I so expected to see a horrible picture of me here T. Thanks for resisting the temptation.

  2. Pat, I was tempted to put a pic of you on my blog, but I thought to myself, "Self, Pat might murder you. And really, who could blame him?"

    I love Abs hair! yay!

  3. I am glad both of you know Pat well enough to know not to put the pic up...I didnt even have to tell you. I figured M wouldnt, but he didnt say T couldnt, so I was hoping....i geuss we are all better off alive....or...wait. But there is heaven...!!! Nah

    ABBIE!!! I am totally digging the new cute, and you are sweet to your mom!

  4. Pster.....are you trying to be my editor? Right or not, this is the way I speak. ;-)