Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i can vote

I can vote and it brings me tears.

Every time. Every election since I can remember.

I miss my early voting days when I snuck behind a thick curtain like the Oz in Wizard of Oz. I can still picture my ballot, holes punched out indicating my choice for the various offices. It was a private and unique experience.

Now it seems less special as you stroll up to a barely even semi-private desk with a computer touch screen. I feel like the whole world is watching what I do, not that it makes a difference, but still.

This year, since my older children are both under 13, they joined me on each side, creating a bit more privacy. I wish I would've brought a big blanket with me; they could've each held a side to give me that closed in curtain feel, like the good ol' days.

Anyway, with all the changes, one thing still remains the same for me.

I cry when I vote. My husband laughs at me for this. But seriously, when I stand at the voting booth, two things come to mind and these two things lead me to tears:

1- I see the faces of those in other countries who are not allowed to vote. They literally flash before me. They are the faces of women.

2- I ask, why me? Why was I born in this country with these rights? Why am I so fortunate in this way? I thank God for the privilege and it makes me cry.

I love putting the little "I Voted" sticker on my jacket. I love walking out of my local high school having casted my vote. I love my freedom, although I rarely think about it or thank God for it.

But I did today, because of this election.


  1. You should move to Reading then, because I was enclosed behind a very thick curtain. It was eeerie and the second time I have done it here, and since I am used to Baltimore, both times that I have gone, I have stood there looking like an idiot. LOL.

    I like that it still brings you to tears:o)