Monday, November 1, 2010

nyc, again, in 2010

The tradition lives on! My sister and I took the Megabus with our oldest two children - the "tweens" as we call them - to NYC for our annual trip.

We had absolutely perfect fall weather: crisp enough to wear a jacket or sweatshirt, warm enough to not have to wear a bulky winter coat. The sun was shining and the air was cool.

Here are some photographs that capture our time.

I call this one: waiting for the subway, hoping to see a rat! The Uggs and Converse capture their their personalities and style without ever seeing their faces...

What's a trip to the American Museum of Natural History without meeting up with Rex?

Me want gum gum you dumb dumb...

The Pond at Bryant Park is simply magical, even for the Chinese boy that we kept seeing fall on his face. Poor kid!

Would it even be feasible to visit NYC without stopping in to visit our favorite toys at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue? I must admit, the store was super cool from the outside. I know what Stephen is thinking, "Is it really this thin?"

My son, after he bought something from a street vendor. I love that he loves NYC as much as I do. :-)

And my favorite picture of the day? It has nothing to do with our personal time there, but it still remains my favorite:

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