Friday, October 29, 2010

judgement house

Two things:

1 - I remember going to a judgement house as a new Christian.
2- I really respect Russell Moore. His book "Adopted for Life" changed my life. Read it, even if you never think you will adopt a child.

As a baby Christian, I remember one Halloween night where a bunch of us squeezed into a car and drove to a local church that was doing a judgement house. I didn't really know what I was getting into. I was a new Christian and lacked discernment at the time, but even in that state, something seemed a little off to me.

Hell seemed "cheesy" for lack of better words. The people dressed up as demons looked funny. Some of them were trying hard not to laugh themselves. When we had to take the elevator down to get to the pits of hell, I had to refrain from laughing. I'm pretty certain I held it together, but I remember thinking that it all seemed like a joke. I am sure the people that put this judgement house together were sincere and well- meaning, wanting to reach the unsaved with the seriousness of God's wrath. But I never remember feeling scared or sobered or even concerned. It was just cheesy.

Reading Russell Moore's post today was very helpful. He put into clarity my broken thoughts from my earlier judgement house days...

Take time to read it!

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  1. interesting. never even heard of "judgement houses" before...