Thursday, October 28, 2010

apple pickin'

A few weeks ago, I loaded up the ol' Odyssey and headed out to a local farm to do some apple pickin' with my good friend Amanda and her crew of 4. It was my first apple pickin' experience and I really enjoyed pickin' the apples. I like saying "pickin," can you tell?

Not sure how your pickin' experience goes, but this is how ours went:

Step 1: Unload all children from vans and exchange your driver's license for a wagon. This wagon will be used to transport children and fruit alike.

Step 2: Head to the apple trees, if you can find them.

Step 3: Stop every now and then to play Star Wars. If you can find a stick, you've got yourself a light saber. Battle it out while adults continue to look for the apple trees.

Step 4: Chase after a 2 1/2 year old who ran ahead of our pack, took off her shoes, and decided to walk through thick, slippery, mud in her white socks.

Step 5: Pause for a picture before searching for those trees again!

Step 6: Find the trees! Admire them apples, imagine being Adam and Eve in the garden (minus the 7 children that are asking you questions simultaneously and the 1 perfect little baby that is gnawing on a toy), and get that wagon ready!

Step 7: Let the pickin' begin! To make this an official homeschool field trip, I asked the question, "Is it better to pick apples or is it better to pick your nose?" Ezra yelled out, "Apples, Mrs. Tracy!" Smart kid.

Step 8: Let the eatin' begin! Sure, we did a little eatin' before buyin' which maybe isn't the best example, but hey...look how happy we made those kids!

Step 9: Load apples in wagon and head back to weigh in...

Step 10: Weigh in....whoa!

There is always one photograph of the day that ends up being my favorite. This one did it for me:

I don't know what Keely and D are doing or saying. Maybe Keels is sharing a raisin from that gigantic bin she is clutching in her left arm.

Bonus Step: Exit the apple farm as quickly as possible as your youngest two are having meltdowns because you gave their juice boxes away to other children!

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