Thursday, October 21, 2010


I love Scotty. I mean, how can't you love this kid? Just look at that face!

I've known Scotty since he was in diapers and I've even changed a few of those diapers on nights I babysat, when his parents went to their care group. Aaaaah, the good ol' days.

Back in 1999...
When Matt and I returned from Moscow, Russia with our chunky little son Stephen in our arms, Scotty was among the huge crowd awaiting us, in his mom's arms. I can still remember the video footage that a friend captured of Scotty reaching out and grabbing Stephen's hand, welcoming him. Both boys were just about a year old. That's when they first met - right there in BWI Airport, and they've been friends since. It's been 12 years!

As a parent, you pray that God will bless your child with a faithful friend. We prayed that for Stephen when he was just a baby and God answered our prayers and blessed us with Scotty. I say "us" because Scotty is more than just Stephen's friend; he has befriended everyone in our family.

Here's a little list of why we thank God for Scott:

1- He is extremely friendly and makes everyone feel welcome; he includes others. My 2 1/2 year old loves "Gotty," my 3 1/2 year old loves him and my 9 year old daughter loves him. They love him because he reaches out to them. He talks to them and plays with them. They feel his love and acceptance.

2- He is very thankful and I've never been in his presence when he has not thanked me for something; whether it's driving him somewhere or treating him to lunch or even teaching him literature.

3- He is joyful and just plain fun to be around.

4- He likes to talk, a lot, which is good for Stephen since he tends to be on the quiet/shy side. Scotty helps to draw Stephen out in conversation...

5. He is a major encourager. I mean, major! A few years ago when Stephen was playing baseball on the same team as Scott, I saw the gift of encouragement in action! Scott was always the first to say, "Good try" when someone struck out, or "Way to go" when someone hit the ball or caught a fly. From the first inning to the seventh inning, Scotty never slowed down in encouraging everyone on his team. Baseball didn't come natural for Stephen, he'd be the first to admit that. As parents, it was tough seeing our son strike out almost every time he was up at bat. From my place in the bleachers, I could always hear Scott's voice, encouraging Stephen.

I know from my own life that friendships change over time. People we were friends with when we were age 5, 10 or 12 are not necessarily the people we are friends with when we are 18, 25, or 40. In God's sovereignty and care for us, He blesses us with particular friends for particular seasons of our life. So while I don't know what the future holds for Stephen and Scott's friendship, I thank God for the here and now!

You are loved Scotty and we thank God for you!

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