Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the many faces of stephen

It's pretty common for me to say to my almost teenage son...

"Are you ok? You don't look happy."

To which he explains to me that everything is fine and that he is happy.

I ask him this question because he is not a big smiler. He laughs when I tell him that because he knows it's true and apparently that statement makes him smile. Go figure.

Here are a series of pictures of Stephen's face. The first one is what I would consider a pretty standard facial expression for him. Hence, why I ask him if he is ok. The ones following that are a result of me coaching him to smile for the camera.

This last one is of course my favorite. It's natural. It took a little coaching.

"Relax your face. No snaggle teeth sticking out. Look at the camera. Nothing silly."

I love my son. Smiles or silly faces and yes, even somewhat stoic, unhappy looking faces.

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