Monday, January 17, 2011

the trashcan

It's pink.

It looks pretty.

It's even super clean right now, especially for a trash can.

It's perfect for a girl's room.

Regardless of all of these facts, my 9-year old daughter Abigail made this humble plea to Matt and me:

"Mom. Dad. Can I please get a new trashcan?"

This week, this pretty pink trashcan has been:

The vomit catcher.

A moveable toilet.

A best friend for many.

This week, big baby (Jayda) got the loathsome GI bug. Matt and I spent the entire evening awake, using good ol' pinky to help catch the contents of the release. Isn't that a nice way of saying it? Of course we missed the first one. Every parent does. You never see these things coming because they often happen late at night when you are anticipating a quiet evening. Kids are in bed, kitchen is clean, and it's just you and your spouse enjoying some long overdo conversation. You snuggle up in bed, talking about the day and evening...

And then you hear it.

That sound.

And you know.

You wish you didn't know, but you do know.

And so it began.

The doctor said by Thursday she should be fine and no longer contagious. When Thursday morning rolled around, I was rejoicing because everyone was fine. Our friend Allyson came over like she normally does on Thursday afternoons to help me out, and I was sure she was safe. That we all were safe.

Then Matt called from work.

"I feel weird in my stomach. Something is off."

Well, the rest is history. First it was Matt with good ol' pinky, then it was Abbie with good ol' pinky, then it was me, then it was Stephen with good ol' pinky and finally it was David with good ol' pinky.

Matt tells the children, "The trashcan is your bestfriend. Where you go, it goes."

That's not so easy for a 2 1/2 year old to understand. Or a 3 1/2 year old. And not so easy for a 12 year old we learned.

So, a long week later, after 2 ruined sleeping bags, 1 unwashable pillow, 1 destroyed set of brand new flannel sheets, and entire bathroom set including towels and shower curtain, the Smith Clan is over the blasted GI bug.

Or are we?

(as I was writing this blog, David told me he needed the bucket...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?)

To date, Allyson is the last one standing.

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