Tuesday, January 11, 2011

slowin' down

About a month ago, upon returning from an afternoon with friends baking cookies with Aunt Becky, Abs had this to say:

"Mom - Aunt Becky was SOOOOOO much fun. She let us decorate the cookies anyway we wanted to and the best thing is I didn't feel rushed. I like cooking with you, but I always feel like we are rushing and I didn't feel rushed with Aunt Becky."

She didn't say it unkindly - just very matter of fact, total Abbie-style.

I thought about and she is right. Most of the time she is helping me, we are indeed rushing. Rushing to get dinner done. Rushing to get the cake in the oven. Rushing, rushing, rushing. In all of the rushing, she wasn't enjoying the process with her Mom the way she could have been.

In light of that, I asked her to choose any dessert recipe and promised that we'd make it together for our upcoming dinner at Mom-Mom's house.

First, she rummaged around for my Pioneer Woman cookbook that we all love so much around this house. I mean, where else can you find great recipes and look at beautiful phogographs of horses at the same time?

She picked the chocolate sheet cake. Nice choice, if I don't say so myself. Here are some shots of our time.

Sometimes Abbie needs a little step to reach things...

Looks great...and don't you just love Abbie's apron? I have a matching one in black.

Abbie enjoys a piece of the cake with Mom-Mom!

Thanks Becky...for showing Abs the joys of baking without rushing. I'm sure you didn't know you were even teaching her this, but you were. And now I've learned to slow it down a bit too!

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