Tuesday, January 11, 2011

top model

Recently I wrote a blog about Matt's yearning to be a top model.

Remember how I mentioned how he would plan a date around ME taking pictures of HIM?

Well....his Mom was kind enough to share a photograph from that exact date that I blogged about. I thought all of these copies were burned or locked away, but nope, they are not. Matt's grandmom, who passed away years ago, had this very picture in the front of a framed photo album. Matt was the apple of her eye.

I mean, can't you see why?

"get-up" courtesy of Chess King in White Marsh Mall


  1. Brian said, and I quote, "Tell Tracy I said Thank You!"

    LOL...Yay!! Now I can hold Grace up, take a pic, and see if people can guess which one is her (since she sports a mullet too!! Hehe)

  2. Classic. I showed this to the kids and asked them if they knew who it was. Blank stares all around. Once I told them, Ezra says "What happened to him??" No joke.

  3. haha. just last night, cleaning off my old pc, i came across a video of one of matt's old concerts, in a school gym with a little tablecloth stage. the only way i could convince myself it was really him was by the hand gestures - those haven't changed.