Wednesday, February 23, 2011

it's official

Our fam' has been approved by American World Adoptions to host a child through their Welcoming Angels program.

Happy Birthday, Stephen! ;-)

This is what we know so far:
- we will be picking up a boy that is around 10 years old from Dulles Airport in April
- he will not speak English. So glad I'm good with the magnadoodle.
- he will be a part of our family for about a month...
- he will get to be here for Easter, and 3 of my 4 children's birthday parties

I wonder:
- if the food here will make him sick
- if our once quiet but now loud home will overwhelm him
- what he will be thinking when he sees Matt dance like MJ
- if he will be homesick and sad

I hope:
- that God provides a family for him
- that our family will be open to this possibility
- that he feels loved and cared for by my family and my church family
- that God uses this time to impact his life with the good news of Jesus

I am:
- excited
- nervous
- anxious, but in a good "I can't wait" sort of way
- thankful
- blown away that we get to do this

It all officially begins on or around April 16th.

Let the adventure begin!

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