Saturday, February 26, 2011

R.I.P. my dear Keurig

It was a sad day.

A very sad day for me and Matt. And a sad day indeed for my coffee-mooching friends. You know who you are.

For some reason, the "NOT READY" indictor light kept coming on and after various tricks that Allyson and Becky attempted via google and a fast set of small fingers, our babe was laid to rest for good.

She was good to us for these past 9 months. Ready each morning to deliver us a perfect cup of coffee, our dear Keurig went beyond her call of duty. Matt did not take to her right away, feeling an allegiance to good ol' faithful Mr. Coffee, but after just a few days he was won over. Her dexterity and convenience can make even the strongest of men swoon.

But. She is gone. Something in her heating element broke and she will not do what she was created to do.

And while we are mourning her obvious absence from our kitchen, we look forward to receiving a brand new baby from the company. Gotta give a shout out when a company treats it's customers well and Keurig did not disappoint.

I never took the time to fill out the warranty, I never registered my product online and I don't even have proof of purchase. The customer service was exceptional. I actually spoke to not just one, but two actual human beings (as opposed to computerized voices) and after apologizing, they quickly assured me that they would send me a brand new unit.

Goodbye dear friend.

We wait eagerly for your replacement!

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