Monday, March 21, 2011


Thanks to Pioneer Woman, I have spread my culinary wings and created some new delicious dinners for my family.

This was a huge hit and is now declared as the #1 Meal.

I must admit, it's pretty amazing. We've had it twice in a week's time and Matt literally moaned and hummed through every other bite.

Yummy Spicy Lemon Garlic's her recipe.

I served it with whole grain rice with garlic and quinoa (which shockingly Matt ate) and a caesar salad. And of course there was bread. A whole loaf. A whole loaf that my family consumed like a swarm of locusts.

It was all that buttery goodness left in the pan that made the dipping irresistible.

My family was very happy. Very.

In case you were wondering, we DO feed dinner to David (3) and Jayda (2). Just not garlic shrimp. This was a big kids night!

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