Wednesday, March 2, 2011

lights out

So what does a family of 6 plus one cat do when the power is out all day?

When there is no coffee.

When there is no TV.

When there is no internet.

When there is no working appliance.

When there is no light.

When there is no heat.

When there is no coffee. Did I mention that already?

Well. At first it was a challenge...our little household version of Survivor. Our conveniences were removed. We divided into two different tribes and I handed out bandanas. The scheming began.

Yeah, right. Actually, we all complained from time to time. And KC, our cat...she did what she does everyday: she slept.

When the sun went down and the house was pitch dark, the adventure began. So what did we do?

We had a candlelight pizza dinner.

Stephen filled up the dishwasher via flashlight.

Matt told tales of "Crazy Frank" and scared the children.

And we watched the great BGE workers dig a deep hole in our front yard, in search of the damaged cable.

The guys were great, explaining to Stephen and Abbie what they were doing and even showing us the severed cable when they found it. The one guy even gave my kids the "stay in school and learn lots of things so that you don't have to end up doing a back-breaking, dangerous job like this" speech. Bonus!

After scarfing down a few of Matt's precious donuts, the guys were on their way to their next job and we went to bed with heat.

And lights.

And TV.

And internet.

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