Thursday, June 30, 2011

bracelets for two

Last week, Matt and I were sitting in Bob Evans, attempting to enjoy a spontaneous little breakfast date.

Matt: "I think this is going to be a great new season for us now that Stephen can legally babysit. We'll be able to enjoy things like this."

Or will we?

Just minutes after that optimistic statement, we received a frantic phone call from Stephen. There was screaming and crying in the background. This couldn't be good. Matt hung up and told me:

"Jayda fell and her head is bleeding. I'm running home - you stay here."

Yeah, right, sure. I'll enjoy a nice omelet with a cup of brew while you tend to my baby girl's bleeding head. Let me know how it goes....I'll be here in Bob Evans pigging out.

I guess we all say odd things when we are in stressful situations. Matt was in a panic and he wanted to make sure he got to the scene first. And I do appreciate that.

Just moments behind him, I rushed out, breaking a few speed limit laws, racing to get home. Would she need stitches? Stephen is prone to panic he o.k.? How bad is this going to be?

First thing I saw when I opened the front door was a rather large pool of blood on the carpet.

First thing I heard when I opened the front door was screaming and crying. Screaming from Jayda and crying from Abbie, the big sister who was so frightened for her little sister. Abs was also the one who had cleaned up all blood from Jayda's body and no doubt this gave way to fear. Stephen was extremely calm and level headed, handling the situation like a pro.

Immediately Matt and I began playing our parts.

I put pressure on the head and gave Jayda a popsicle, which eliminated all screaming immediately. Thank God for that recent sale at Shop Rite where I stocked up on these frozen treats.

Matt grabbed his Norwex "magic rag" and began cleaning the large blood spots and trail that Jayda left behind. And for you skeptics out there, yes, Norwex worked perfectly.

Our trusty friend Allyson was already on her way to our house so she stayed to calm Abbie down while we took Jayda to the ER. Thankfully, no stitches required. She "dodged a bullet" as the doctor said.

We've only had two ER visits in our life and both have been with Jayda! This comes as no surprise, really.

I mean, it's Jayda.

I'm happy to report that her little laceration has healed just fine. Even while she was in the room at the ER, she was jumping up and down and bouncing on the bed.

I wish this was the last of our "accidents" but....

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