Thursday, June 2, 2011

movin' thru May

Since our Ethiopian host child left, we have jumped right back into life!

Time to share some updates since my last post.

For starters, my Abbie-girl turned ten! She was thrilled to finally be in double digits, but even more thrilled to have a special birthday dinner of her choice.

Her pick?

Spicy garlic lemon shrimp.

With a salad.

And bread, lots of bread for the dipping.

{name} was still here to enjoy this special feast and to our surprise, he loved it. Stephen and Abbie were trying to explain to him that we were eating shrimp for dinner. He wanted to know what shrimp they gathered him by the computer and pulled up a google image of a live shrimp.

Abbie pointed to the picture and said, "That's what we're eating, but without the head!"

As you can see, Abbie had some dipping competition.

Just a few days after Ab's birthday, we celebrated Jayda's 3rd Birthday.

More cake.

More ice-cream.

More cupcakes.

More presents.

With all four of our children having birthdays from March 26 - May 16, it's like Christmastime around here.

When the parties were finally over. Finally....

Stephen and I attended the Cross Current Semi-Formal Banquet. This was our second one together :-) (Stop growing up, Stephen-boy!!)

So long crazy May....Hello June.

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  1. Those cakes and cupcakes look delicious. Looks like some fun times and memories. Have a great June!