Thursday, June 30, 2011

up close & pesonal with Abigail Smith

June 29, 2011
8:00 p.m.'ish
Bel Air, Maryland

This morning I sat down with local cool kid, Abigail Smith, to ask her about her recent bike accident that resulted in a trip to Patient First.

What in the world happened?
Well, I was riding my bike down a hill and it started going out of control. I fell off and it was dragging me along the street.

What did you do? Did you freak out?
As soon as I got up from the street, the whole cut and around it was completely white. I got back on my bike and rode to my house. When I got home, it started bleeding and then I freaked out because I knew it looked bad.

Where did you go and was the doctor nice?
My mom and dad took me to Patient First. Dr. Igor was my doctor and he was from Moscow, Russia just like me. He was very nice. He told me that I would feel one mosquito bite (the needle to numb it) and then I wouldn't feel anything else. He was right.

Did the needle hurt? Did you cry?
Yes, the needle hurt. I didn't cry but I was close. My mom encouraged me to look at her instead of what the doctor was doing and she told me to breathe. That helped me not to cry. My mom was watching the doctor put in the stitches but my dad had to look away.

How many stitches did you get?

Does it still hurt?
Only when my mom cleans it and re-bandages it.

Will you ride your bike again?
YES. I will.

What advice would you give to other kids in case this happens to them?
I would tell them to breathe and don't panic.

So...less than a week later, our second daughter needed medical attention.

When Jayda was injured, Abbie was an emotional mess - practically hyperventilating. Yet when she was injured, although she initially cried, she calmed down and stayed strong through the worst of it.

When Abbie was injured, Jayda was an emotional mess - screaming and crying, "Abbie bleed!" In fact, when I had to clean Abbie's cut and re-bandage it, Jayda and David both wanted to look at it. This is the reaction that followed.

Everyone is happy in this pre-clean/re-bandage picture. They are holding Abbie's hands and everyone is smiling. Things are good!

Jayda is so curious to see the boo boo.

After looking, Jayda begins to cry, "Abbie bleed!"

At this point, I cleaned the cut and I was allowing it to dry. David is very concerned and Abbie was very sad. The cleaning part hurts.

I'm so thankful that in both cases with my girls, they experienced minimal pain. Both accidents could have been far worse.

In both situations, Matt was home at a time he would not normally be home so we were able to care for our family together. This was good for us and kind of God. I learned that David knows the importance of prayer as he wanted to pray for Abbie repeatedly and out of concern (like a brother) he doesn't think she should ride her bike anymore.

I saw my oldest son, Stephen, remain calm in both situations. I think that God gives him grace for this as hard things happen to others and it's only when something scary is happening to him that he panics.

I'm not hoping for any more accidents that lead us to the ER, believe me, but I can honestly and sincerely thank God for the clear ways He has showed our entire family - youngest to oldest - His faithfulness and care for us in the day to day stuff of life.

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